Relive the Memories – January 6, 2010

Happy New Year, Fellow Grosvenor Toastmasters and Friends!

Overview of Meeting #889:

There were 14 members and guests at our first Grosvenor Toastmasters meeting of 2010!

The first meeting of 2010 had a Business Session as Ralph Czychun, Treasurer, provided an update of the club’s finances and membership. It was especially encouraging as a previous guest joined our club during the meeting. Ralph provided two handouts – Grosvenor Toastmasters Annual Balance Statement and Grosvenor Toastmasters Memberships – to provide a visual representation of the club’s finances and membership.

The unofficial portion of the meeting continued at the Fox and Fiddle pub for those who were not ready to call it a night after the official meeting.

Congratulations to the Head Table

Chairperson: Shahzad Baig

Toastmaster: Noelle Hamersley

Table Topics Master: Wendy Wang

General Evaluator: Libertad Lagman

The theme of the meeting was New Year’s Eve which brought back stories and memories of New Year’s Eve celebrations during the Table Topics Session. Table Topics Master, Wendy Wang, had Toastmasters and guests reminiscing about their most recent celebrations and more distant celebrations in the past.

Toastmaster, Noelle Hamersley, made a toast to an individual who has really started 2010 off with a bang and lots of success to celebrate – James Cameron. His new movie, Avatar, has been a box office hit with the 3D special effects.

The Speeches

Robert Pilichowski (Project #2 from the Competent Communication Manual, 5 – 7 minutes)

“Feast for the Senses”

Robert showed his expertise in producing a film. His experience is this area was an asset as he demonstrated the similarities of a great meal and a great film. His speech was evaluated by Patrick Newman.

Lourdes Simon (Project #2 from the Competent Communication Manual, 5 – 7 minutes)

“The Six Most Important Rules for a Successful Career”

Lourdes’ speech was especially timely as our economy starts its recovery and individuals try to make their careers a success. Her speech was evaluated by Marisa Lam.

Congratulations to both of our speakers for taking the big next step and completing their second speech project!



It is a great time of the year to add one more item to your list of New Year Resolutions: “Chase After Your Rainbow” and achieve your goals and dreams with Grosvenors Toastmasters.

Important Dates

February 17, 2010 – International and Speech Evaluation Contests. Contact our President Janice Law or VP Education Shahzad Baig if you would like to participate in this exciting contest!

April 9 – 11, 2010 – District 60 Spring Conference at Crowne Plaza Toronto Airport . For more information, go to

Do you have any comments, corrections or suggestions about RELIVE THE MEMORIES, please let me know.

PLEASE BRING GUESTS to the meeting! — Guests make our meetings special!

Sharon Polischuk


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