New venue for Jan. 10th 18′ at the Bond Hotel

Hi everyone,

Happy New Year 2018!! It is the seasons of a fresh year, and we wish you have rested well in the holidays seasons!! On this new start of year, on January 10th 2018, we will be hosting our Grosvenor Toastmaster event at the Bond Hotel. We look forward to see you!!

Address: 65 Dundas Street East, Toronto, Ontario M5B 2G8

Time: 6:00pm to 8:00pm


Happy Holidays from Grosvenor Toastmaster

We had a beautiful Grosvenor Toastmaster December Holidays party.

It was filled with candies, drinks, decorations and lovely people! We had a recurring repeat of the word “Rejoice” in celebration of the holidays seasons. Luis created amazing holidays games that made the whole Grosvenor team go into a frenzy to win. It was a “battle” between team Superwinners and Winners, but in the end everyone came out of the game as a winner!

White Space

Recently, Meaghan discussed about the notion of “White space”.
We often lead busy lives, and cause our lives to have certain chaos and clutter.
As meaghan puts it: White space is defined as a period to reflect, go for a walk or breath deeply for a few moments. This pauses gives us a moment to have a deeper understanding of our lives as a whole.

During this holiday seasons, hope you will enjoy some period of white space. To pause and to reflect on the great wonders of your upcoming year 2018!!