Relive the Moments of Grosvenor Toastmaster Meeting – August 22, 2012

Relive the Moments of Grosvenor Toastmaster Meeting – August 22, 2012

Last week’s Grosvenor Toastmaster’s meeting was a great one with 5 (!) great speeches, 3 (!) new members joining, and a very special visit from our Area Governor, Don McKellar.

Vahid Anwari was our Chair and Toastmaster for the evening. He spoke about the theme, "Free Falling", the coming of fall, and the end of summer. Vahid kept the meeting on track, on time, and injected humour throughout.

I (Noelle Hamersley) was the Table Topics Master. Members and guests were asked to pick an item from a bag and pretend that they were presenting a new, innovative product to the CEO of your company to persuade him or her that your product should be marketed for sale. Items included a Hawaiian lei, a whoopi cushion, and a squishy blue doll that lit up when you squeezed him (for some reason the blue doll was especially popular!).

Cindy Fung was the first speaker of the evening. She gave her second speech from the Competent Communicator manual. Cindy spoke about discovering the hidden treasures of Hong Kong. Did you know Hong Kong has 200 islands? There is so much to do in Hong Kong: hiking, shopping, eating…a great place to visit. Stephen Schroeder evaluated Cindy’s speech.

Melissa Cooper also gave her second speech from the manual. For Melissa, improv was like therapy. Not only did she learn about herself, she was able to apply the tools she learned in improv to being better at work. Melissa told us how we could use improv to improve our lives. Prasad evaluated Melissa’s speech.

Our third speaker, Tom Hurley, shared a story about his cousin, Pat who lives in Atlanta Georgia and has multiple personality disorder. His story of Pat and her colourful personality was funny, touching and inspirational at the same time. Tom’s speech was evaluated by Biswajit Das.

Smruti Das also gave a speech andtalked about Cindy, a little three year old girl who loved singing happy birthday for herself, even on days when it wasn’t her birthday. Smruti urged us to forget our adult worries and distractions, and remember the joy we felt over simple things when we were children. Wayne O’Brien evaluated Smruti’s speech.

Finally, Vanissa Szeto shared a funny story of what it was like being the only female in an all male-household. Seemingly simple things such as washroom etiquette and flushing toilets went unheeded no matter how often Vanissa "quacked" at her three sons and husband. Noelle Hamersley evaluated Vanissa’s speech.

Ralph Czychun was our General Evalutor and did a good job introducing the evaluators and giving an assessment of the meeting. Kendrick Doll & Don McKellar shared Quizmaster duties. Michael Ilyasov was the first time Timer.

Voting results

Table Topics: #1 – Kendrick, and guest Jefferson shared top honours.
Speeches: #1 – two way tie between Smruti and Tom; #2 – three way tie between Melissa, Cindy, and Vanissa.
Evaluators: #1 – tie between Bis and Prasad

Congratulations to all our speakers, table topics participants and evaluators!

New Members!

Also, we are pleased to announce 3 guests officially joined our club last week: Bea Funes, Omayma Haq, and Jefferson Mesidor. And we were remiss not to have announced that Michael Ilyasov and Clive Hannah had joined us at our August 8th meeting. Please give a warm welcome to Bea, Omayma, Jefferson, Michael, and Clive!!

Our next meeting is on September 12 (in two weeks). Until then, have a wonderful rest of August and Labour Day long weekend.

Noelle Hamersley
Club Secretary
Grosvenor Toastmasters

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