Relive the Moments of Grosvenor Toastmaster Meeting – November 14, 2012

Relive the Moments of Grosvenor Toastmaster Meeting – November 14, 2012

What another great Toastmaster meeting last week! The meeting was led by our very own Wayne O’Brien who was the Chair/Toastmaster for the evening. The theme was, "A Snowy Day", a fitting introduction to the start of the winter season.

Honoured guest and Divisional Governor, Elton Brown, kindly stepped in at the last minute to be the Table Topics Master. Elton passed around fortune cookies and had guests and members speak about the fortune they found inside. A fun and creative idea…with the added bonus of getting to eat the cookie once we were done!

Bea Funes, gave her very first Icebreaker speech, "The Power of Two". Bea talked about the unexpected twists and turns in her journey from her home country Argentina to Canada. She summed up her life as the power of two, with both opportunities and challenges as she looks forward to the next part of her new life. Bea’s speech was evaluated by Stephen Schroeder. Congratulations Bea on giving your Icebreaker, a great accomplishment!

In speech number three, Melissa Cooper spoke about "Finding more time to feel like a millionaire." While most of will sadly not become millionaires anytime soon, Melissa shared with us three important tips to save time and feel like millionaires: remember Parkinson’s Law that work expands to fill the time available for completion, go on an information diet, and stop doing repetitive tasks. Great advice! Andrew Mathenge evaluated Melissa’s speech.

Michael Ilyasov, shared his "Letter to the President", President Putin that is. The letter started off as if Michael was thanking President Putin, but in fact turned out to be a clever satirical critique of President Putin’s regime in Russia. Thanks to President Putin’s actions or inactions, Michael decided to move away from Russia to Canada in search of a better life. Ralph Cyzchun evaluated Michael’s speech.

In her speech, "Diwali", Smruti Das shared the ancient story of Prince Rama, Sita, Ravana, and Hanuman, which was the start of this important Hindu holiday. Diwali, or the "festival of lights", symbolizes light over darkness and good winning over evil and is enjoyed by many around the world. Smruti’s speech was evaluated by Vahid Anwari.

I (Noelle Hamersley) spoke about "Political Learnings" and what we can learn from the recent re-election of Barack Obama in the United States, especially how we can become better communicators and better leaders. We can strive to dumb it down (keep it simple), not be afraid to show emotion, and focus on your message. Biswajit Das evaluated Noelle’s speech.

Geoff Smith was the General Evaluator for the evening and did a commendable job introducing the evaluators and giving an overall assessment of the meeting. Omayma Haq was the Timer; Jefferson Mesidor was the Quizmaster; and Colin Nekoliachuk was the Grammarian.

Voting Results

Table Topics: #1 Kevin Williams (guest); #2 Biswajit Das; #3 Bea Funes
Speaker: #1 Noelle Hamersley; #2 Bea Funes; #3 Smruti Das
Evaluator: #1 Biswajit Das; #2 Andrew Mathenge

Thank you to all our speakers, head table, evaluators, and everyone who took on a role and participated in table topics.

Our next meeting is on November 28. Make sure to come out and enjoy our LAST meeting at the YMCA!

Noelle Hamersley
Club Secretary
Grosvernor Toastmaster

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