Relive the Moments of Meeting # 1000

View pictures from this meeting here.

With 47 years under its belt and 14 years as Presidents Distinguished Club, Grosvenor Toastmasters Club celebrated its 1000th meeting. It was fitting for Jefferson Messidor, Chairman and Toastmaster, to choose LEADERSHIP, COMMITMENT & SUCCESS as the theme and the word of the day was VIVACIOUS. Our longest standing member Geoff Smith gave the toast and paid homage to the words of history that the changed the world… like Martin Luther King’s timeless phrase “I have a dream”.

Table Topic Master Shirley Li passed around an envelope with quotes about change, inspiration and dreams and members spoke about how they related to what they read.

Our first speaker was Meaghan Johns completed Speech #3 from the Competent Communicator Manual (Get to the point). Called “Improv-ing Table Topics”, she talked about how the skills she learned in her Second City improv class was helping her become a better table topics speaker, and outlined 3 tricks: 1) Do not edit your thoughts 2) The “Yes and” principle and 3) To commit. Janine Chin evaluated Meaghan’s speech.

Amy Won also gave Speech#3 from the Competent Communicator Manual, entitled “A glimpse into the nano world.” She talked about her childhood fascination with microscopes and described the developments in the technology that provided an increasingly closer look at the smallest elements. Wanrudee Isaranuwatchai evaluated Amy’s speech.

Geoff Smith gave a hilarious speech called “How Toastmasters saved my life” in which he weaved a fantastical story about a hike in the Mali hills and being captured by a tribe. Spiced with humour, exaggeration and unexpect turns, Geoff had the audience in stitches. Noelle Hamersley evaluated Geoff’s speech.

The last speaker of the night was Biswajit Das, who flew 15 hours the day before to get to the 1,000 meeting. From the Successful Speaker Series, the title of the speech was “Closing the deal,” which outlined the 5 steps that every member can do to turn a guest into a member (Compare, Lose, Opinion, Story and Example = CLOSE). With the completion of his speech, Bis attained his Advanced Leadership Bronze designation – congratulations to Bis! Naomi Hamersley evaluated Bis’s speech.

Wayne O’Brien was the General Evaluator; Caroline Kiernan was the Timer; Wajid Anwari was the Quizmaster; Kendrick Doll was the Grammarian.

Our next meeting is Wednesday, August 13, which will be our OUTDOOR FIESTA!

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