Happy Holidays from Grosvenor Toastmaster

We had a beautiful Grosvenor Toastmaster December Holidays party.

It was filled with candies, drinks, decorations and lovely people! We had a recurring repeat of the word “Rejoice” in celebration of the holidays seasons. Luis created amazing holidays games that made the whole Grosvenor team go into a frenzy to win. It was a “battle” between team Superwinners and Winners, but in the end everyone came out of the game as a winner!

White Space

Recently, Meaghan discussed about the notion of “White space”.
We often lead busy lives, and cause our lives to have certain chaos and clutter.
As meaghan puts it: White space is defined as a period to reflect, go for a walk or breath deeply for a few moments. This pauses gives us a moment to have a deeper understanding of our lives as a whole.

During this holiday seasons, hope you will enjoy some period of white space. To pause and to reflect on the great wonders of your upcoming year 2018!!

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