Relive the Moments of the April Meetings

Meeting # 1016, April 22, 2015 (View pictures here)

It was a blustery rainy day so Chair and Toastmaster Caroline Kiernan chose CHANGING SEASONS as the theme for this meeting and REVITALIZE as the Word of the Day. Table Topics Master Yasser Abdullah accused members of crazy crimes and asked them to defend themselves in front of a jury.

Eduardo Mijangos gave his Icebreaker speech from the Competent Communicators Manual titled “Across North America” during which he described his journey as an immigrant in the U.S. and Canada. Wanrudee Isaranuwatchai evaluated Eduardo’s speech.

The second speaker was Josh Wang who gave his Icebreaker speech from the Competent Communicators Manual. In “An unexpected and ironic topic for an icebreaker” Josh talked about why he doesn’t like to talk about himself. Alia Zhang evaluated Josh’s speech.

Amy Warren was our third speaker, who gave Speech #1 from “Speeches by Management” from the Advance Manual. In “A merger of giants”, she unveiled the “news” that Grosvenor and Keynote would be merging clubs and then answered tough questions during a Q&A from the audience. Danish Ahmed evaluated Amy’s speech.

The fourth speaker of the night was Noelle Hamersley, who gave Speech#2 (Speak in praise) from the Special Occasion Manual. In “Not without the children”, Noelle shared the story of Eloise and Anna Charet, the sisters who were instrumental in saving 50 babies in Cambodia, 40 years ago. Meaghan Johns evaluated Noelle’s speech.

Elizabeth Hibbert was the General Evaluator, Sukhil Suresh was the Timer, Javier Fernandes was the Quizmaster, Luis Correa as the Grammarian and Colin Nekoliachuk was the Vote counter.

Our next meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 13.


Meeting # 1015, April 8, 2015 (View pictures here)

With the baseball season officially under way on April 6, the theme for our meeting was BASEBALL. Chair and Toastmaster Naomi Hamersley selected CLUTCH as the word of the day. Table Topic Master Caroline Kiernan asked members to describe strange sports such as hamster racing.

Cici Xu gave her 2nd speech from the Competent Communicators Manual (Organize your speech) titled “A half bottle of water” in which she described the benefits of being positive in life. Geoff Smith evaluated Cici’s speech.

The second speaker was Shirley Li who gave her eighth speech from the Competent Communicators Manual (Get comfortable with using visual aids). In “Life without limits” Shirley described the inspiring life of Nick Vujicic, who was born without limbs and has made his mark with his speech on overcoming hopelessness. Nadine Ricketts evaluated Shirley’s speech.

Danish Ahmed was our third speaker, who gave a non-manual speech called “Life lessons from improvisation”. He gave his perspective of how learning how to improvise can benefit in all areas of life. Jaze Bordeaux evaluated Danish’s speech.

The fourth speaker of the night was guest and former Grosvenor member Tony Digbaea, who gave his contest speech for the upcoming Divisional Contest. In “What’s your tattoo”, Tony shared the story of his son’s request to get a tattoo and what it meant to his family. Jeff Hecker led a roundtable evaluation in which all members were invited to give Tony feedback.

Wanrudee Isaranuwatchai was the General Evaluator, Luis Correa was the Timer, Elizabeth Hibbert was the Quizmaster, Javier Fernandez was the Grammarian and Amy Won was the Vote counter.

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