Relive the Moments of August

Meeting #1023  – Wednesday August 22, 2015

The theme for the evening was “Sports”, and with it came the word of the day: “Winning”.Click Here for Photos

Chair and Toastmaster Elizabeth Hibbert with lots of energy, took charge of meeting 1023.

Table Topic Master Wanrudee Isaranuwatchai stepped up and asked the 16 participants assorted questions about sports such as; what athlete do you look up to? what sport would you invent and why? or would you recommend underwater hockey?

The first speaker was Francis Silva, who delivered his first speech from the Competent Communicator Manual. His Icebreaker speech title was “Do You Want the Baton?” He talked about the struggle and triumph through great adversity on a 400 m track and his team. Noelle Hamersley evaluated Francis’ speech.

The second speaker was Sharvan Salooja and he delivered speech number 4 (How To Say It). His speech title was “One Step at a Time” and he talked about his climb on a Peruvian Mountain and how he conquered his fears, one step at a time. Meaghan Johns evaluated Sharvan’s speech.

The third speaker was Javier Fernandez, delivering speech number 3; and his speech title was “Three Keys for Success”. He talked about three keys of success and how and why people in general do not reach them. Shirley Li evaluated Javier’s speech.

The fourth speaker was Alia Zhang,  and she delivered speech number 6, titled  “Our House, Our Rules”. Alia talked about her friend, his son’s mishaps at home and a very personal finale with a surprise in it! Colin Nekolaichuk evaluated Alia’s speech.

The fifth and final speaker was Jean Yang, speech title  “The Art of Fearlessness”, she mentioned how fear and panic can take the best out of us and even hold us back personally and professionally. Danish Ahmed evaluated Jean’s speech.

Eduardo Mijangos was the General Evaluator, Amy Won was the timer, Evelyn Chea was the Quizmaster, Brian Ho was the Grammarian and Omayma Hamadi-Haq was the Vote Counter.

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