Relive the Moments of July

Relive the Moments of Grosvenor Toastmasters Meeting #1022  – Wednesday July 22, 2015  (Click Here for Photos)

Tonight’s meeting was all about space. Chair and Toastmaster Meaghan Johns introduced the theme, “The Cosmos” to honour mankind’s achievements in space exploration, including the unprecedented photos of Pluto.

Luis Correa was the Table Topics Master. In keeping with the theme, he invited members and guests to talk about aliens and space. This was Luis’ first time as Table Topics Master and he did a great job!

Janine Chin delivered her fifth speech titled, “Two Minutes”. Janine shared the secret of success – the power pose, and how confident body language translates into more confidence, and more success. Kendrick Doll evaluated Janine’s speech.

Vahid Anwari talked about his love of running in his speech, “I just felt like running”. He shared his tips for running, including the best time to run, footwear, and why everyone should take up running. Elizabeth Hibbert evaluated Vahid’s speech.

Naomi Hamersley delivered a non-manual speech, “An Ode to Toastmasters”. She talked about giving a career defining presentation in New York in front of 100’s of important industry people. Her success was big and she credits Toastmasters for giving her the confidence and skills to speak in public. Naomi’s speech was evaluated by Amy Warren.

Javier Fernandez was the General Evaluator. Sukhil Suresh was the Timer. Brian Ho was the Quizmaster and Alia Zhang was the grammarian.

Voting results: Naomi was the best speaker, Noelle was the best table topics, and Amy Warren placed first as best evaluator.

Relive the Moments of Grosvenor Toastmasters Meeting #1021 – Wednesday July 8, 2015 (Click Here for Photos)

This was the first meeting of the new Toastmasters year, so it was fitting that Chair and Toastmaster Amy Warren chose NEW BEGINNINGS as the theme and APBLOMB as the word of the day. Table Topic Master Elizabeth Hibbert asked participants to choose an image of a celebrity – such as Donald Trump and David Letterman – and explain their plans for a new beginning.

The first speaker was Brian Ho who gave his Icebreaker speech from the Competent Communicators Manual. He shared how a fire at his parents’ home brought his family together and changed his life. Caroline Kiernan evaluated Brian’s speech.

The second speaker was Cici Xu who gave the third speech from the Competent Communicators Manual (Get to the point). In “The early bird gets the worm” Cici argued that early risers are more prodcutive, happy and successful. Javier Fernandez evaluated Cici’s speech.

Luis Fernando Correa was our third speaker and gave Speech#4 from the Competent Communicators Manual (How to say it). In “Constant Growth” Luis explained how thinking positive is a choice and leads to opportunities for growth. Vahid Anwari evaluated Luis’ speech.

The final speaker of the night was Danish Ahmed who gave a non-manual speech called “You can start over”. In a very personal speech, Danish talked about a low point in his life and how he turned it around by reminding himself that he can always start over. Noelle Hamersley evaluated Danish’s speech.

Meaghan John was the General Evaluator, Arlene Cressman was Quizmaster, Jaze Bordeauxi was the Timer, Francis Silva was the Grammarian and Evelyn Chea was the Vote counter.

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