Relive the Moments of October 8

Meeting #1004, October 8, 2014

Chairman and Toastmaster Noelle Hamersley led Grosvenor Toastmaster’s #1004 meeting with the timely theme of THANKSGIVING in honour of October’s annual holiday of family and food. Table Topic Master Kendrick Doll got participants into the mayoral race mood by getting them to choose pro or con and then debate on either side of a random topic selected by number.

Before diving into the prepared speeches, Club President Jefferson Mesidor formally inducted the newest members – Jeff Hecker, Devonnia Miller, Elizabeth Hibbert and Alia Zhang – into Grosvenor Toastmasters. Angela Cheung was also announced as a new member, but wasn’t present.

Our first speaker was Alia Zhang who gave her first speech, the Icebreaker, from the Competent Communicators Manual, entitled “Three small successful stories in my life.” She shared how she came to Canada, how she got married and how she got her job and attributed her success to her persistence. Caroline Kiernan evaluated Alia’s speech.

Devonnia Miller also gave her Icebreaker speech entitled “Birth of a leader” Devonnia talked about how she learned to be a leader from her family members, who were natural leaders and skilled communicators. Jeff Hecker evaluated Devonnia’s speech.

Wanrudee Isaranuwatchai gave Speech#7 (Research Your Topic) from the Competent Communicators Manual. “Made in Canada” enlightened the audience on several little known inventions made right here in Canada, including the Major League Baseball players favourite bat (Sam bat), Halls cough drops and several movies. Colin Nekolaichuk evaluated Wanrudee’s speech.

Meaghan Johns was the General Evaluator; Elizabeth Hibbert was the Timer; Amy Won was the Quizmaster; Jean Yang was the Grammarian.

Our next meeting is Wednesday, October 22.


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